2019 Word of the Year!

My #oneword for the year… 

Hey all! I am back to blogging. After taking some time off, well I am just going to be honest and share that I was not feeling the passion to blog since my last entry. 

However, many awesome things have been going on since I last shared. I left Brier Creek Elementary and moved to Hortons Creek Elementary!  Being part of a new school has been amazing. My third grade class last year was so amazing that I looped up to fourth grade with them this year! 

I have never done a word of the year, in fact many things that I start I tend not to finish however, something changed this year for me….I saw the light. Not literally, no out-of-body experience happening here but something changed. In fact, others have noticed it and have questioned what is going on- totally in a good way!

My husband credits this change to me getting back into church. I credit this change to me focusing on the positive and letting go of things from the past. I have surrounded myself with passionate, positive people at school. My friend circle is also made up of good, positive people and I cannot forget my Twitter PLN which you guessed it, made up of positive, passionate people!  I am back to working out on a daily basis. Reflecting on 2018 has allowed me to see that if I had picked a word last year it would be Positive Change, okay two words for me, but it is my word! 🙂

If you are still reading then you will know that my #oneword for 2019 is INTENTIONAL! I am going to be intentional…. intentional with my relationships with others, intentional with my decisions, intentional with my interactions with others and intentional with…. well you get the point.

I cannot wait to make 2019 the best year yet! I feel that so many great things will be happening this year and I will continue with being positive and focus  on becoming better! Hopefully, along the way I will inspire others to #becomebetter as well! 

 I wish you and your loved ones a Happy 2019! May you also be inspired to pick a word and follow through with your decisions.

Author: kimcollins12

Hi! I am a wife, mom and educator- all three jobs are my passions. I love coming home and taking care of my family and I love what I do as a third grade teacher. Seeing the light bulb go off and connections being made are my most favorite things! I love learning new things and taking risks...well risks that are on my terms sometimes :) I am super excited to be sharing what I do in the classroom and my professional learning with you! Thanks for reading!

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