Feeling Inspired

First post…yikes

I feel like the training wheels were just taken off my bike as I ride solo on this first blog post! Talking about blogging has been my thing…sure I want to blog, that sounds great I will get on that, oh I love what you wrote, I can’t wait to try it out and then I would “forget” about it and go about my busy life of being a wife, mom and educator!

However, this past week I was lucky enough to be invited to attend Fall Convergence 2016, #wonderwake, at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was able to meet an #EdHero of mine, George Couros author of The Innovator’s Mindset. If you have not read the book, please do yourself a favor and read it! You will be inspired like I was when I read it over the summer! He shared with us the benefits of blogging and the importance of leaving a digital footprint. This hit me like a ton of bricks because I want to make an impression and inspire others and what better way to reach them but by blogging!

Below is a picture of my new bestie and myself!


(George Couros and myself, December 1, 2016)

I do have another #EdHero and that is my principal, Dr. Sandy Chambers. When I first met her I knew that would I like her because of her positive, go get them attitude but I did not realize the impact that she would have on my professional life. I was a very routine person and did everything the same as the day, month, year before. It was not until I was asked to teach a 4/5 combo class changed things up for me. It was different, challenging and I loved it! From that point on every year I either changed grade, tracks or grades and tracks! It was a change that I needed but would have never have done it without Dr. Chambers’ support and encouragement.




Dr. Chambers at Fall Convergence 2016 inspiring others!

Feeling inspired by my #EdHeroes is why I am today, blogging away sharing my inspirations with you! I am super excited about this opportunity but scared at the same time. I am by no means a writer, I am a talker, I love to talk, but writing scares me. However, I cannot ask my students to take risks if I truly do not take risks myself.

I have a few ideas that I am going to blog about over the next week. I am tracked out and during track out I always reflect on what I did and make plans to change things up the next quarter. Please be sure to check back this week for my next post. This really is just my introductory post.

I am super excited for this opportunity and greatly appreciate the peer pressure that came via Twitter! Thank you to my PLN for the encouragement and support!

I will leave you with this quote from George Couros…. “We need to make the positives so loud that the negatives are almost impossible to hear.”

We all need to #trendthepositive so that the negatives are not hear, support each other, inspire one another and continue to take risks. Our #kidsdeserveit!


Welcome to my blog!

2019 Word of the Year!

My #oneword for the year… 

Hey all! I am back to blogging. After taking some time off, well I am just going to be honest and share that I was not feeling the passion to blog since my last entry. 

However, many awesome things have been going on since I last shared. I left Brier Creek Elementary and moved to Hortons Creek Elementary!  Being part of a new school has been amazing. My third grade class last year was so amazing that I looped up to fourth grade with them this year! 

I have never done a word of the year, in fact many things that I start I tend not to finish however, something changed this year for me….I saw the light. Not literally, no out-of-body experience happening here but something changed. In fact, others have noticed it and have questioned what is going on- totally in a good way!

My husband credits this change to me getting back into church. I credit this change to me focusing on the positive and letting go of things from the past. I have surrounded myself with passionate, positive people at school. My friend circle is also made up of good, positive people and I cannot forget my Twitter PLN which you guessed it, made up of positive, passionate people!  I am back to working out on a daily basis. Reflecting on 2018 has allowed me to see that if I had picked a word last year it would be Positive Change, okay two words for me, but it is my word! 🙂

If you are still reading then you will know that my #oneword for 2019 is INTENTIONAL! I am going to be intentional…. intentional with my relationships with others, intentional with my decisions, intentional with my interactions with others and intentional with…. well you get the point.

I cannot wait to make 2019 the best year yet! I feel that so many great things will be happening this year and I will continue with being positive and focus  on becoming better! Hopefully, along the way I will inspire others to #becomebetter as well! 

 I wish you and your loved ones a Happy 2019! May you also be inspired to pick a word and follow through with your decisions.

Do You Flex Seat?

Do you find yourself constantly rearranging your classroom? Are you searching for collaborative spaces on Pinterest? Do you just love Flex Seating? Do you and your spouse spend your time off building new seats for your classroom?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you are just like ME and we should be friends!

After End of Grade tests were finished last year, 2015-2016 school year, I rearranged the desks because I wanted to create a classroom environment that allowed student choice in where they sat. So, I pushed a bunch of desks into a corner, it was like 5 desks but it seemed like a lot, and finally made use of the computer tables by bringing them to the middle of the classroom.  We rearranged the classroom to have 3 tables and 2 student desk tables which allowed 4 to 5 students at a table. Flex seating was finally up and running in my classroom and we didn’t even creat any rules for it. Students sat where ever they wanted and it worked perfectly. It only took me until the last two weeks of the school year to get it started!

I decided to take the month of June, my time off because I work at a year round school, to create new seats for the next school year. I love being crafty and making things on my own. Using what I found on Pinterest I developed my plan, mapped out what it was going to look like and prioritized.

I spray painted five gallon buckets, cut wood, cut foam, used crates I already had, spent time at Lowes asking many questions and may have used a Reciprocating  Saw as a Jigsaw. I kept reassuring everyone I talked with at Lowes that I had a Jigsaw and I knew how to use it.  When I showed my husband the piece of wood I cut and the tool I used he was very surprised I was not missing a limb or two! I was extremely lucky!

Reciprocating Saw verses Jigsaw


This is a Reciprocating Saw that is used in demolition and what a powerful tool it is..never again!






This is a Jigsaw and what was needed to make my seats. Wow, such an easy tool to use. However, I gladly handed the wood cutting to my husband and just assisted. This is when my solo project became a team effort. I even had help from our littlest resident too!


attachmen-3Spray painting the buckets was super easy and quick. This was a simple day project!

Now to use them in the classroom! The first day of school caused all types of anxious feelings about flex seating but creating a list of rules was most beneficial. As a class we brainstormed what flex seating looked like to us, what it should look like in our classroom and developed our list of rules.  We started with 7 rules but downsized to 5. This chart hangs up as a reminder of the rules we agreed upon and we refer back to this often.


After several weeks of picking a new seat on a daily basis we realized it was not working for the class. During a class meeting the students decided that every Monday they would pick a new seat for the week. Picking a seat at the start of the week has been a huge success. Students know where they are most successful and choose accordingly. I have been very pleased with their seat choices.

As you can see the crate seats are used at the collaboration station! This area allows for at least four students to work together during group work. A laptop is always at this station and there is a role of parchment paper on the wall. This area is also known as Station 4 for math centers which is called “Analyze This”. This center allows a group of students to analyze how a math word problem was solved. I purposely set this center up here to allow good, rich math conversation about word problems. Students read a word problem discuss how it was solved, what mistake was made and what they need to do to solve the problem correctly.


As you can see the bucket seats are around the room at desks. This allows the opportunity for some fun seating while siting at a standard desk. You will also see some stools at the higher table, a simple purchase I made at Walmart over the summer. In addition, to the taller stools I also have colored stools that the school supplied us. There are a few camping chairs from Five Below that the students use during independent reading time.

Students are able to sit, stand, lay on the ground to do work…whatever works with them works with me…as long as they are doing work! However, there are times when they need to be at the front carpet, at their seats  and as a class we decided upon those times at the start of the year. I really worked hard to implement student voice and choice in our classroom!.

I used to dread creating a seating chart but with flex seating I no longer have to worry about that! Allowing students the choice to sit where they want, where they are most successful has been the best thing ever. Do I need to make changes every now and then….yes!! Every now and then students will need to be separated so they are most successful. This is when I refer to rule number 5!


 I love this safe, respectful environment that the students and myself have created this year. So much learning takes place on a daily basis in this room and around our school. I am super excited to see what the new year holds for my students and school.